Wordpress Plugins

by. Byron Herrera

Just modules in developing.

Formpress 0.4 pre

A form generator.
Thanks to almostdaniel for the first version.
After installation you need to manually run sql statements on changes.txt
version 0.4
Forum in
Support Forum.

Silencesoft RSS Reader

This plugin reads external rss sources and shows in a page or in a widget.
Sources can be categorized.
0.3 Version
0.4 Version - Released 31-07-2010
0.5 Version
0.6 alpha Version
Plugin on
Forum in
Support Forum.


Protect RSS

A plugin to protect rss feeds to only registered users.
This is a plugin allows http authentication to the rss feeds of blog.


Silencesoft Simple Slideshow

A plugin to show an slideshow passing variable directory with images.
Gallery View : jQuery plugin integrated thanks to Jack Wanders.
Super Simple Lightbox with CSS and jQuery : Code for lightbox on plugin thanks to Jim Nielsen.
--> Download <--

Execute after login

This is a simple plugin that hooks the wp_login function to run code after the user has logged.
This plugin permits edit this code by web.


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